Website Maintenance

Maintain Your Website without Hassel At A Better Price

Maintaining a website can be a difficult task but with us, it is the easiest thing because we have mastered the craft and art of website maintenance.

For years we have been serving our clients in maintaining their website. Be it e-com website or a B2B site, we have the right team to maintain the websites.

Our service offering:

  • Modifying the layouts
  • Recoding the sites to install specific features
  • If you want to upgrade the version, then you should choose us because we can do it carefully without the risk of any security issues
  • Consulting services for various their services such as installing customized features, integrating payment gateway and other maintenance related service

Why should you hire us?

Analytical approach: First, we look at our clients’ website and study the technicalities to understand the potential issues that might unfold in the future. After analyzing the sites, then we offer a maintenance plan to help the clients keeping the site in perfect order.

The sense of urgency: It is a proven fact that outages can bring losses, therefore, we strive to attend the problems as quickly as possible. Our team is highly trained to act with a sense of urgency. All you need to do is to raise a ticket and we will do the rest.

Cost: At times, the maintenance cost could be bothersome to some clients but we strive to eliminate that stress by giving customized service. For instance, we give periodic maintenance service to the clients who do not want to get a dedicated team.

Measurement tools: We have the right kind of KPIs and SLAs to measurement the efficacy of our service. We define everything before we commence the work. We explain everything and to keep the thing in black & white, we prepare agreement so that we and our clients can remain on the same page to avoid further confusion.

Communication: Since it is important to communicate with the clients on a regular basis, we train our team members to listen to our client's needs so that they can understand their issues clearly. We are good listeners and communicators too.

Call us today and let us examine your website and give you a plan so that you can run your business without having to worry about the site’s performance. It is time to keep technical faults at bay and we can help you with that.

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